One of our goals for our home this year is to improve our storage areas to be more efficient--closets, garage, outdoor shed, basement area. Off the cuff, I mentioned the idea to a friend of our's at church and he jumped on it. Not one to postpone a project, Tim came over the very next day to brainstorm, bought the supplies that evening, and less than 48 hours after I had mentioned it, we had storage shelving up and functional! It took Tim & Gerard 3 hours, and $50 in supplies, to build from raw materials to installation completion. This is my kind of project!!

One side of the room held this:

The other side (completely void of what was once there):

It was void of all our stuff because we'd moved it out here:

Even with my widest lens, I couldn't quite fit everything in the shot, so I made a different kind of collage of sorts, piecing the photos together as best I could:

See that blue tub to the right of the file cabinet? The one that reads "EMPTY!!!"?? Yes, we cleaned out two tubs worth of stuff-either Trash or Donate amongst several other items. Feels great!

Here's a more complete view from the door:

The most awkward part of the original clutter was the extra chairs that we have. I wouldn't hesitate to donate them if they didn't come in handy for hosting large gatherings, Bible study, or were great props for photo shoots. :) Haven't come up with a use for the rolling end table underneath that child-size rocker, but I'm sure something will come to light...

We gained roughly 60-65 square feet of storage space and got rid of SO MUCH STUFF in the process. We have a few empty tubs for future use and lots more space to spare for years down the road. And we're able to actually walk in and find the thing we're looking for-love it! Mission Accomplished. Thanks, Tim!!