So, I did the manly thing and Facebook-ed her then sent her a text message to ask her out on a date.

That's how this ball got rolling for Aimee & Troy. A friend of a friend, a slight acquaintance, a Facebook connection and a text message. . .

And now we're here.

Troy filled me in on the last several years of his life with Aimee in just a few short sentences as I photographed him with his groomsmen. Their wedding day had arrived, beautifully sunny, puffy, cotton candy-esque clouds and a slight breeze. Troy just needed his bride to start the celebration!

This is why I LOVE it when couples have a First Look. For a lot of the couples I've photographed, it takes the anxiety away, it calms nerves and it always gives us ample time to give them the images that they really want.

Getting to know a person in roughly an hour is just the tip of the iceberg, getting to know their friends, however, gets you a little deeper in the water with said iceberg...Aimee & Troy's friends were hilarious and awesome to work with.

We hustled back to the church for family photos and a few last images of Troy & Aimee with some beautiful light their cathedral provided.

Troy & Aimee's timeline for their day allowed for a cocktail hour and additional opportunities for photos with their bridal party: (you can see my lead shooter, Jane, working on the far right)

...and for time with just the two of them:

Once they made their Grand Entrance, they broke open the bubbly and very kindly fed each other some wedding cake.

One last collage of all of Aimee's details:

Aimee & Troy: Thank you so much for trusting Jane & I with your big day! We had a blast with you and your bridal party and wish you nothing but the best for your future together.



PS Since I was the second shooter for this wedding, you can see more of Jane's work in our time together