Prompted by a sorority sister, Rosemary agreed to a blind date with John. If John is anything like he was 55 years ago, I'm sure Rosemary was taken by his dapper qualities and handsome eye-twinkle from across the dinner table on that fateful evening. Two years after that blind date, they wed and eventually, along came three children, including one sweet daughter who has asked me to photograph her family for 4 years running.

Miriam & Sean have two rambunctious boys, Thomas & Joseph, that have the great fortune to live about five minutes from Grandpa John (Jack) & Grandma Rosemary. It seemed only fitting that, to celebrate their 55th Anniversary, we schedule a photo session in John & Rosemary's honor in their lush a beautifully landscaped lawn & garden.

We started with a full family portrait near the gazebo and steadily worked our way around the grounds, using John's favored locations while also highlighting their gorgeous home.

We also wanted to incorporate the grandfather-grandson relationship:

Each part of John's gardens are assigned a family member's name. So, naturally, when asked which one is his favorite, it's the one with the "John's Garden" sign in front of it. We took some time near his garden to highlight just him & Rosemary:

We walked around to the front of their home and set up a perfect adirondack chair for another set of family photos-these might be the favorite ones that I've ever taken of Miriam & Sean's family:

I wanted to use as much of their yard as possible, so we continued around the perimeter of their home and found the perfect spot to finish up their anniversary photos.

They are so cute!

Then, it was the boys' turn and again, these are probably my favorites of Joe & Thomas of these past 4 years. I absolutely LOVE this series of them:

Miriam & Sean, John & Rosemary (and Joe & Thomas): Thank you so much for such a lovely time-I truly enjoyed myself and hope that you're pleased with the results!



PS You can view the remainder of our session