When you find yourself beginning to feel a bond between yourself and the people you photograph, when you laugh and cry with their laughter and tears, you will know you are on the right track."

 --Arthur Fellig--

I choked back the lump in my throat as my eyes encountered the marker board that everyone in her family had signed letting her know they loved her. I swallowed another lump and blinked back tears as my eyes saw her small, pink teddy bear for the first time while Lindsay handed it to Alyiva. These were Kaylin's things and I'd never met Kaylin, but I know someday I will.

Many years ago, Lindsay and Bryan were on their way to one of Bryan's softball games when they were hit by a driver running a stop sign. A ride in Lifelight wasn't fast enough to save Kaylin in utero at 28 weeks and her brief time being present, physically, in their family had tragically come to an end. God has since blessed their family with four children: Alyvia, Jude, Ben & Brody and they all know about Kaylin and how special this photo session would be. This was to be Kaylin's Golden Birthday (turning 11 on the 11th) and though not physically with us, she's touched every member of the group.

From left to right, we have Ben, Jude and Alyvia, all of whom are incredibly stylish. I can't wait to see what their senior photos look like in about a decade!

The last time I photographed this beautiful family, Lindsay was early in her pregnancy with Brody. What a little ham he has become!

Lindsay, you are such a gorgeous, confident woman!

We quickly went from this:

to this:

We headed towards the water at the end of our time together and I love watching how things unfolded with the boys...

I think Jude "accidentally" pushed Ben. And Alyiva? .... well, you can see her reaction for yourself.

Lindsay & Bryan (and kiddos): Thank you so much for a fantastic session. You guys were so gracious and patient. Thank you for letting me know more about your lives and how God has moved through your family. This session was truly a treasure for me and I'm so pleased with our results.



PS You can view more of our session



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