Knox's parents met, married, and each brought a child of their own into the union. Eventually, Jess & Andre felt ready to add another to their family, and even though they both recognize that God's timing is perfect, those 5 years felt like eternity. He has amazingly blessed them in little Knox and I had the great privilege of photographing this new, and long-awaited, family member.

This little hair spike is au naturale! Absolutley perfect.

Jess is one of those women who don't beat around the bush, speaks plainly and doesn't apologize for her blunt honesty. Her openness strikes to the heart of the matter in most conversations and I'm so appreciative that she's so willing to be REAL with everyone she encounters. Check out this Mama's joy:

As I walked to my car to grab a prop, I noticed this basket outside Jess's front door. "It came with the house", she replied, when I asked her what she uses it for. I told her we'd just found a new use for it!

Knox wasn't as able to curl up in a ball because he is three weeks old in these images. Jess had a C-section, subsequently got an infection and was hospitalized a little longer than we all anticipated. Though I'd love to have all my

newborn sessions within those first 10 days of life

, Life doesn't always work that way, and I'd rather have Mom settled and as comfortable as possible instead of pushing for that 10 day mark.

This next prop, I found at the Architectural Salvage Store in downtown Des Moines and it literally is a baby scale! The numbers are also accompanied by a chart of how much your baby "should" weigh if they are a specific length etc...(keep in mind this is an antique, so I'm sure facts and figures have changed since then!) But this was so fun to work with!

I'll finish with this one because it might be my favorite:

Jess & Andre-Thank you so much for allowing me to document Knox's little ears, toes, nose and hands. He is so precious and I know he's worth the wait! Congratulations and from the bottom of my heart, I'm SO happy for your family that he's here.

Many, Many Blessings,


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