Jennifer is a woman who knows what she wants and as soon as she was able, she knew she wanted a photo session outdoors, outside of a studio set up and then she contacted me. I'm so thankful for referrals from past clients because it widens my own circle of friends. I also might gain a four-legged friend too...;)

Although, Sadie had to wait her turn. We actually started with Tyler, Jennifer's son, who is in the 4th grade.

Then we brought in his proud Mama, Jen. I love the smiles we were able to capture this day!

Finally, finally, it was Sadie's turn. And I came prepared! Not only did I have treats, but I had a secret weapon: a squeaker toy-perfect to get those ears perked up and interested!

Jen & Tyler-I had such a sweet time with you both (and Sadie too). Thank you so much for having me and I really do feel like my circle of friends just grew by 2 (or 3!).

Many blessings,


PS You can view the remainder of our session