Lori contacted me too many months ago to count them all and we originally booked their session for July. We weren't expecting the nastiness that was this summer's heat and the afternoon of their session would have been in the 100's (not including heat index/humidity), so Lori wisely postponed until cool weather would prevail. September has been a bit more tame in the weather department until the forecast called for 70% chance of rain the day of our shoot. Seriously? We're in a drought and the ONE DAY we want to take photos, God decides to let it rain. But, thankfully, He also decided to have it stop in time for our session. Prayers answered. Session ON. Can I hear an AMEN!? :)

Lori knew she wanted their photos to be in the wooded area behind their home, but as I pulled into the drive, I couldn't resist using their gorgeous abode....

Even their front doorstep held great photographic opportunities. Here are the boys-Tyler, Gerry & Devin.

These fashionable ladies needed some girl-time as well:

As we were headed to the wooded area, I also couldn't resist using their firepit furniture. That's right, even their outdoor furniture was photographable (and yes, that might be a made up word?)

Had to give the pups, Max & Trouble Maker some puppy love too:

I love being able to use other people's belongings for photos because it tells their story and keeps my images interesting so you don't see the same props over and over again. This wagon is one such item and I loved how Madison promptly picked it up and rolled with it. (Pun intended...) :)

 I can't wait to see how these three grow up into their teens. I wonder which brother will be more protective of Madison?

Lori & Gerry (Tyler, Devin & Madison too!) Thank you so much for a lovely time. I'm so grateful I got to meet your gorgeous family and I hope our paths cross again very soon! Give Max & Trouble Maker some hugs for me. :)



PS You can view the rest of our session