There are very few people in the building of my business who have played the type of role that my friend Justin has. 

He and his wife, Allison

, are an awesome team, not only in marriage, but on a couple's wedding day. The first wedding I shot with Justin was only because Allison couldn't get work off, so I filled in. As we went through the day, Justin's calm demeanor wore off on me and we took things in stride really well. He knew what he was doing and trusted that I could get a few good shots of Brian & Tricia along the way.

That was May of 2009 and since then, we've probably worked a dozen or so weddings together. Over the years, Justin has taught me how to wrangle a very large wedding party as seen at Kayla & Kerry's union in July of 2009:

He's also taught me how to keep cool in sticky situations as proven at Vance & Rachel's wedding in 2010. (And yes, that is well-earned sweat):

He taught me how to find the best location in inclement weather during Nicole & Luke's union (and it made for some of the BEST lighting ever despite some drizzling rain):

And he's helped me see the awesome-ness of locations that you would normally just drive right on by without a second thought.

(Cole & Dayna, June 2011)

He let me figure things out on my own and he sat down with me when I wanted to learn. He let me take the lead and try a few things on my own and if it was a wedding I booked and he was second shooting for me, he has never tried to take over, only offering suggestions along the way.

(Aaron & Tasha, Nov. 2009)

Justin has done a lot of the grunt work for photographers around him in figuring out price structure, contract wording, and how to deal with tough client issues gracefully. He really is the one you want in front of you, paving the way when you're not quite sure how to get there on your own and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

His assistance to me in my growth as a photographer has been absolutely priceless. And while we didn't always get along prior to becoming photographers, being able to work together now is a true testament (and reminder to me) of the maturing power of the Holy Spirit.

So, Justin, Thank you. For everything!