As my business has grown (for the first three years it was purely by word of mouth) many people have believed in my ability. Some more than I believed in myself. But it is the first family to believe I deserved to be paid that stands out. They didn't know until recently that they actually set my family session price for me that first 18 months of charging for my work. Our time together that day was cold, dreary and rainy. SO NOT LIKE JOE. :)

We met in Waterworks Park and it was sprinkling off and on as we tried to keep the boys warm and eventually decided to use their rain gear as "an outfit change".

Once the boys had had enough, I wanted to highlight Sean & Miriam's relationship. They were open to anything I told them to do, -so I told them: walk. Daring, I know. ;) Thank goodness they've asked me back for a session every year since 2009! But really, those two love birds don't need much prompting to show just how much fun they have together.

We had the boys (and their black lab, appropriately named "Blackie") hop out of the car for one more family shot. The boys were so cold, they just put their arms around anything warm, and that was enough to seal the session and put it in the books.

When she went to the car, she asked how much she should write the check out for and I shrugged. I hadn't thought of that!!? So, I responded with a

Whatever you think is appropriate.....?

accompanied by another shrug. Miriam handed me the check and I stuffed it in my pocket, not unfolding it until they drove away.

Even though the check said $50, I felt like a million because I had earned money doing something that I truly enjoy doing. And it represented so much more than 50 beans in the bank-it proved in some way that I was worth it. That Sean & Miriam trusted me enough to invest in my time and talents and it meant (and still means) the world.