Mara has floated in and out of my radar as I saw announcements in our church's bulletin regarding the birth of her boys as they each arrived. Hearing nothing but wonderful things about Mara and her family, I was ecstatic when she contacted me to photograph them.

We started with their beautiful family of four and found one of the few trees in Waterworks with color still left on it for a gorgeous backdrop.

Caleb & Jonas were SO entertaining. They were up for anything and loved being hams while Mara & Dan snuck some smooches.

See what I mean about ham-ing it up? Caleb & Jonas were fantastic-even fake laughing and grinning from ear to ear.

The boys absolutely loved being in front of the camera and snuggling or otherwise rough-housing with Mom & Dad:

To give the boys a break, we let them run in the clearing where we were and focused on Mara & Dan. They were equally as cute as their boys.

While we were taking Mara & Dan's photos, the boys fell in love with that tree that I loved for it's color. They loved it for it's climb-ability, so they naturally, had to show Mom & Dad their discovery.

And then, of course, rough house some more with Dan:

I know, I've done this pose before, but I love how it can depict family life-the craziness of raising children, but in the midst of that fun, to find time for your spouse and love on them too. I've often heard that the best thing children can see in their home is Mom & Dad caring for each other and loving each other well. I'm blessed to photograph families that live this out!

Mara & Dan (& boys): Thank you so much for an outrageously fun photo session. Caleb & Jonas are hilarious to be around and I completely enjoyed my time with them. I hope I get to see them grow up in front of my camera for many years to come!

Many blessings,


PS You can view the remainder of our session