Somehow, their worlds collided and Rachael's care of families and Ned's care of his students lined up superbly. Rachael is a social worker and Ned teaches high school English (even though he has a secret love of all things music!), so it seemed natural that they would easily be able to transition to serving and helping each other along in their relationship.

They solidified their union early this month and as


second shooter, I loved the opportunity to hit the details at the start of Ned & Rachael's day and then have some fun with the groomsmen.

I met Rachael's cake maker who brought the cake personally to Sunnyside Golf Course's reception room. This was her last wedding cake ever as she's fazing out of the wedding industry, but that didn't stop her from doing an incredibly delectible job!

Rachael and Ned had a fun play on their First Look. Rachael knew her nerves would need to be calmed prior to the ceremony, but she still didn't want Ned to see her until walking down the aisle. So, she met somewhere in the middle. She got to see Ned, but Ned was blindfolded!

First, a few of Rachael:

Take this next series of four in clock-wise rotation (top left-->top right-->bottom right--> bottom left) :)

Rachael desperately wanted to show affection, but she didn't want Ned to feel the details of her dress. So again, she compromised and she got to do the hugging:

Then, we separated the ladies and the gents and I got the pleasure of working with Ned & his closest friends. I had an absolute blast!

I hopped over to where Jane was working to snap a few of the ladies. You wouldn't guess that they were freezing would you?

Another gorgeous ceremony at



Officially Mr. & Mrs.!!

I haven't done this in awhile, but here are some of the detail shots I took for Jane all wrapped up into one collage. The rich, gorgeous colors that Rachael picked really stand out beautifully.

Ned & Rachael-You guys were an absolute joy to "shoot". You welcomed me into the party so warmly and trusted any suggestion I threw your way. Ned-you and your men were hilarious and thoroughly entertaining. Many thanks for a splendid day and many blessings on your marriage!