Fully aware of the ministry

our church

offers to the Des Moines area, as a college student with a maxed out schedule, I was never able to volunteer.

Upwards Sports

team photos have now become a staple on my photography calender.



my involvement started during one of my family sessions with the ministry's leader, Dave. I


he mentioned it briefly and said he'd follow up after I had some time to think it over. I


that I knew I wanted to be involved the moment he asked. Just so we're on the same page, here is the man I'm speaking of:

Maybe this photo will be more flattering (and up to date):

From our bumbling through Upwards Soccer photos last fall for the first time, to having a team of volunteers for Upwards Basketball instructed in each of their duties, the process we use for team photos has become a well-oiled machine. From photographing around 250 kiddos for soccer, to 750 for basketball, and around another 250 for Central City Soccer, Dave has trusted me from the start. In that trust, he's made suggestions or asked questions that have made me rethink a few things for the better and he guides or leads in a non-threatening way. I've never felt defensive in answering his questions--we've always been on the same team to serve our church in the best and smoothest way possible.

Speaking of teams, here he is coaching his daughter's team for soccer:

So Dave, thanks for your support, for allowing me the opportunity to serve our church in this way. I've told several volunteers each time I do team photos that I feel like I'm the one being served  instead of actually working myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in a way that only enhances my love of the Church Body.

Many blessings,