Where would a wedding photographer be without a bride? I absolutely adore every single bride that I have had the privilege to photograph. From their first contact with me, they have each respected the view from my vantage point and have incorporated many of my suggestions into their days and timelines. And their big day is always an awesome party to be a part of.

The brides who have come to me have come from such a broad range. From homemade wedding clothes in Rachel & Vance's ceremony (below), to extra bustles on Carrie's dress (above).

An all indoor wedding with Amy & Trey (above) or an all outdoor wedding with Cindy & Greg (below), these ladies have allowed me to grow as a photographer in versatility with all the venues they've used.

Chilly, fall wedding weather with Becky & Zac (above) to sweltering, heat-stroke-inducing summer weather with Jen & Adam (below) has given me the opportunity to expand my wedding work wardrobe (THANK YOU!) and again, versatility and gaining experiences, along with great memories, are everything when growing a business.

Not to mention doing weddings in the rain with Luke & Nicole (above) and Phitsamai & Evan (below).

The brides that I get to spend a day with, are laid-back, low key, but still have a very firm grasp on how they want their day to go, and do an amazing job choosing the details that truly reflect themselves & their groom. I love their senses of style, the grace they extend to those around them on their big day, and, I absolutely love their families.

What I love the most about my brides? They have all become FRIENDS (if they weren't already before they got engaged). For example, Jen (above) and I connected not just in talking photographer lingo to each other, but we bonded over her family's situation as Jen is the most present care-giver for her Grandma.  (Watching my parents care for my maternal grandparents helps me understand what Jen is going through.)

And, we weren't sure if Tasha's Poppy was going to be able to come to the ceremony due to health challenges, but Tasha (below) and I both shed tears when he rolled into the church building. I guess I have an incredibly soft spot for grandparents and family legacy. And a bride's wish fulfilled on her big day.

So, Brides, whether you are pictured above or not, please know that you hold a special place in my heart and my business. I'm humbled and honored to have the opportunity to be with you on your wedding day and watch a new phase of your life begin. I never take the weight of that responsibility lightly and I'm eternally grateful for your trust and friendship over the years. You ladies are so special to me and I wish you nothing but the best in your lives and marriage.

Many, many blessings,


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