I met Nolan when he was under

a month old

and it's been such a fun ride to see him blossom into a spunky, fun-loving, 18 month old. Ann and Jason knocked their outfit choices out of the park and were so cute yet not to matchy-matchy and we let Nolan be himself.

Even though this session happened a little over a week ago, there were still plenty of leaves to entertain us and keep Nolan interested. I love all his different facial expressions-laughing outloud, curious, thoughtful....so much personality to capture!

I loved how Nolan literally just "hung out" on this kid-sized bench. All he needed was a remote and a TV playing some football.

Nolan loves running and trying to hold him down for a few family images created a wrestling match, but I love the candid laughter that we still got:

In the following image, I feel like Nolan is a good ol' friend on a stroll and wants you to come along. What a cutie!

I mentioned curious, laughing, and thoughtful, with Ann, he got a little mischievious grin too and then hatched his plan covering Jason's eyes while getting a shoulder-ride. Love this kid.

Ann + Jason-Thank you so much for a wonderful 18 months with Nolan. You have a beautiful family and I love catching up with you guys each time. I can't wait till he turns TWO!!

Many blessings,


PS You can view the rest of our time together