4-3-2....1? Not quite. Rachel & Jason have 4 beautiful children who are 4yrs, 3yrs, 2yrs and 8 months old. When Gerard & I were dating and first married, Jason & Rachel were in our Bibly study group and they modeled a strong marriage and relationship with Christ for us. We also steadily watched their family grow from just the two of them to adding Clara, then Corban, Titus and most recently, Lydia.

I can only imagine how much fun these four have together judging just from the fun they had in 5 minutes on their blanket.

I can't let this post go by without detailing a little of Lydia's story. Shortly after birth, doctors found little dimples along her back that followed her spine.  After testing, they confirmed tethered cords that could lead to complications in her growth and development. Thankfully, surgery has been deemed a success and you wouldn't ever guess that Lydia had any kind of challenge aside from keeping up with her older siblings. She relishes the attention they lavish on her and loves hugs, cuddles and play. Gerard came with me to this session as our Entertainment Factor and we both walked away smitten with her smiles and cheerful disposition.

Speaking of "factors", Titus is lovingly referred to as the Cunningham Family "X Factor" and Gerard loved chasing after him to keep him engaged and laughing up a storm.

Oh Corban, somber or cheery, what a sweetheart!

Clara is a beauty and so lady-like, a nurturer to Lydia and leader of The Pack.

I couldn't neglect the two who started it all:

Jason & Rachel-Thank you so much for having me for this session with your beautiful family! It's been way too long and I'm so grateful for the time we got to visit and catch up. You two are doing a wonderful job raising these 4 gorgeous children and you have been a great example to Gerard & me. Words here simply aren't enough to cover it all.

Many blessings,

Carrie (& Gerard)

PS You can view the remainder of our session