It's amazing that Stacy doesn't show up to our photo sessions in a cheerleader uniform. She may hate me for hinting at that kind of attire, but it's true-she might be one of my most vocal supporters and referrers to date. I've had the pleasure of photographing her son, Soren, since he was working on Tummy Time and it's hard to believe that we are at his 18 month session. It is also hard to believe that Stacy keeps coming up with the cutest outfit ideas each time-Soren's got style, Internet.

This was Soren showing off his "SO BIG!" skills. His new love is climbing atop things and telling that world just how big he is.

The interaction here was priceless-playing with Chris' hair and then trying to check out what Mom & Dad are up to. Love it!

Then it came to the point in our time together that Soren wanted to run and always in the opposite direction than we'd like...ah well. Makes for some great candids and relationship photos. :)

 I realize the past couple posts, I've mentioned my love of a certain tree in any given session and I might sound like a tree-hugger, but really folks, I love the locations we get to use! The trees near us have character. :)

See? Even Soren likes it. :)

Chris & Stacy-Thank you so much for your trust, support and referrals! You guys always make my day and it's been so fun to watch Soren grow from our Beloved Baldy to our Manly-Mullet-with-a-Comb-Over. He's awesome every time because he's made from some pretty cool people. ;)

Keep doing your thing!



PS You can view the rest of our time together