Having been surrounded by expecting friends and family members since we first got married, I felt pretty knowledgeable at least on the basics of pregnancy. What not to eat, what Braxtin Hicks are, and that you have to take pre-natals. A friend even showed me the video of her son being delivered via C-section. I also felt that I had a great support system in place with friends I can go to for suggestions on what to register for, what the first few weeks after delivery are like, and their new babies always kept my diaper changing abilities up-to-date.

I will say, though, that being pregnant myself has brought out some pretty humorous, nay, unexpected additions to my so-called Knowledge Bank. And in celebration of finding Baby Krupke's heartbeat yesterday at our 16 week appointment, I thought I'd share a few.

We'll start with the worst parts and move into the best, shall we?



*just getting energy back in week 13/14 and being smacked down with the 24-hour flu. I'll spare you details, but in a moment of clarity (or maybe insanity) I had the thought of:

"Throwing up isn't as bad as I remember from 6 years ago."

Maybe that was just God's grace to keep me from freaking out.

*at our 12 week appointment, we were able to find the heartbeat within a matter of seconds. At our 16 week appointment yesterday, it took her at least 2 minutes. In those 120 seconds, both my mind & Gerard's ran through a litany of what life would be like if we never found that little heartbeat again.

What agony.

(And then, relief when we found it. Apparently, Baby Krupke is a "low rider".)

Answered Prayers-

*I made it through the first trimester without throwing up from morning sickness.

*We made it through the first trimester fatigue, being able to keep up with everything.

*We made it through the first trimester. PERIOD.

"Pinch Me" Moments-

*first ultrasound at 8 weeks to see heartbeat

*second ultrasound and first sonogram at 12 weeks to see/hear heartbeat, see all the limbs, brain etc.

*posting our news on Facebook:

*stomach growing

*seeing my name on our church's prayer list in a place I never thought it'd be:


This section could also be called 'Carrie Bloopers'

*Week 7-we were going to show sudents a concert video using the projector screen. It was shining on the marker board and I thought to erase everything on the board so the video would be view-able. My colleague came up to me and said, "Or you could just do this...." and proceeded to pull down the projector SCREEN. While he walked away, he jokingly said,

"And it only gets worse..."

*Week 11-while figuring out who was bringing what for our Bible Study's Thanksgiving dinner, I earnestly asked a newcomer to the group who just moved here from Romania, "What does your family serve at their Thanksgiving?" She graciously responded while giggling, "We don't have Thanksgiving in Romania." And we all lost it while I turned beat red.

*Week 14-when making a phone call, I always introduce myself to the person who picks up. When I made a phone call to a business tracking down a Christmas gift for a family member, I introduced myself with,

"Hello, my name is Carrie WILLIAMS."

I was so shocked to hear my own maiden name cross my lips that I forgot what I had made the phone call for in the first place! Not to mention I had dialed the wrong number and was talking to an elderly lady hard of hearing.

*Week 16-while driving home from work, I had in my brain that I was on our street and I kept going straight. I think I was roughly 3 blocks past my turn when I realized, "Where the heck am I?!" Yikes.