In the past, I haven't scheduled any photography for the entire month of December, but this year, as God would have it, there was a second family needing to mark a milestone. Erin & Carl had their second child mid-year this year and little Trevor's 6 month mark fell in this usually blistery month. And again, as God would have it, it was a balmy 50 degrees for our session at the

Jordan House

that was beautifully decked out for the Holiday.

We started with Carl and their oldest-



Then we added


and her adorable addition-Trevor.

Once he figured out that, with photos, he gets to be the center of attention,


was all mine. :)

This session,


preferred a more candid feel because that way, we "wouldn't have to have both kiddos looking at the camera at the same time". I wholeheartedly agreed!

I love the candid one in the middle of this collage below-Erin laughing and Zach roughing it with Carl.

Though Jordan House requested I not put children in the sled that graced their porch (there is a broken support bar), that didn't mean I couldn't put children on the porch with the sled gracing the background! :) These interactions are priceless:

Some "candids" of Trevor and his myriad of facial expressions:

Erin & Carl: Have I really been photographing your family for 2 years already?! As I looked for the links to your past family sessions to link here, I can't believe how much Zach has grown and how much Trevor changed in a short 6 months. It's an honor to be your family's photographer and I'm so thankful for the cheerleaders that you are for my business. You guys rock.

Many blessings this Christmas,


PS You can view the remainder of our session