They first met in an accounting class at Drake University and both thought that other was a little weird. Ironically, as they spent more time together doing group activities with friends, Rebecca & Nolan realized just how much alike they were. Some say opposites attract but these two are more of the standard that birds of a feather flock together.

We started their day at the Embassy Suites downtown where both Rebecca & Nolan were getting ready in their respective rooms surrounded by their friends. I do want to give credit where it's due, and some of these images were shot by my second shooter, Austin Day


Rebecca had spoken to me about her sisters before I had the honor of meeting them, but when I stepped into her room, they treated me like an extension of their family. Both sisters, Nina & Stephanie, had a say in Rebecca's make up for the day and it made for some very sweet moments with the three of them.

This is Nina & their mom admiring Rebecca's new look as a bride:

 We moved the party to our downtown church's location for their First Look and for mid-December, the indoor light was wonderful. Nolan looked dashing no matter what angle we used: 

I love this series of their First Look and how Rebecca approached her groom. Each step of the way to this moment, she kept saying, "It's getting a little more real. This is actually happening!" Once they were together, I could barely get them apart! Their First Look seemed to serve the purpose of calming any jitters and giving a sense of comfort. It's around this point in the wedding day, that the bride & groom know that the day will go well just because they're together.

See what I mean? Couldn't get 'em apart!

 Even as I mentioned to Nolan that he could join his groomsmen for photos in an adjoining room if he wanted, he only had eyes for his bride as we worked to show off the gorgeousness of her dress....He stayed near her the rest of the day. 

These two definitely surrounded themselves with a crew of amazing people. They were all united in the purpose of the day and truly celebrating Nolan & Rebecca. What a joy to work with all of them!

There are several shots in our church's sanctuary that I have the goal of "nailing" each time. The bride with her father in the aisle and toasts at the reception. I can happily say that I love what we got of Rebecca and her interaction with her father. Truly special.

Nolan & Rebecca did something in a ceremony I've only ever heard about, but never seen done. Imitating Christ washing his disciples' feet near the end of His life, Nolan & Rebecca washed each other's feet. This display of love, respect, and care for the other is a beautiful way to start a union. The pottery they used for this part of the ceremony was designed and painted by Rebecca's sister Nina. Throughout the day, there were those little touches that only the immediate family really knew about, but made the moments so intimate and dear. This was definitely one of them.


Taking into consideration that they were having a December wedding in Iowa, they decided to have their ceremony & reception in the same location and while friends were "flipping" the sanctuary into a party zone, the reception line fed into our upstairs chapel. But first, a few moments of just the Mr. & Mrs.:

Maid of Honor & Best Man did a great job of toasting (and sometimes "roasting") the couple:

First Dance:

 Dancing with everyone-thanks for the great captures Austin!

And lastly, some details of this joyful day:

Nolan & Rebecca-I'm so honored to have played a part of your day. Those seemingly little details made the touchstones of the day so sweet and dear. Your families were wonderful and so welcoming to me that I felt totally at home. I pray you are just as pleased with the results as I have been taking them, looking through them, and becoming better friends with you both. Thank you so much for the opportunity,

Many blessings,