Goodness how time flies! Technically, this is Abigail's 7 month old session, due to some circumstances that caused us to push things back a bit. But I'm so glad we waited it out because she went from sitting and some crawling to pulling herself up on things in a matter of days (or so her proud Mama, Cindy, tells me)!! That made some props more usable and involved than the typical 6 month session. It's been since her newborn session that I last saw Little Miss and her adorable rolls and blue eyes amazed me.

She is already incredibly smart like her

 pharmaceutically minded parents.

After taking a slight tumble off this child-sized bench, when we next propped her up on it, she took a firm handle of the back to keep herself from falling. I asked her where her right hand went and she gave me the grin you see above as if to say, "Wouldn't you like to know? I figured it out by myself."

For her newborn session, we strategically placed Abigail into a rounded basket and I thought, for a size comparison, we could do something similar. She loved figuring out how to get down and out of this grey bowl! There's no way she'd fit into the basket we used when she was

merely a week old

. It's so much fun to see the growth and change.

We stripped off a layer for a different look and exposed her cute little piggies. I think it brings out her eyes even more (as if that were possible...).

 She worked her way to standing with support all on her own while Cindy was nearby to spot her and keep the bowl from sliding. Abigail did a fantastic job! What a strong, tough, cookie.

Speaking of where she might get some of that strength:

Cindy + Greg-Thanks for having me be a part of documenting your family again! From your engagement photos, wedding photos, and now Abigail's photos, it's been a blessing to watch you two become One and become parents. You're doing a great job in just the short amount of time I've seen her--Abigail is such a joy and a hoot! Keep it up-you're really good this!



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