As I was laying my things down, Lindsay was gathering books from different shelves in their home.

Is she rearranging her books? Why is she choosing to do that now?

I wondered as I watched her go from corner to corner. Then I realized that a pile was forming on a table in their living room and understood: she was building a pedestal for Nora. A pedestal made of the Chronicles of Narnia, East of Eden, Dr. Seuss, and other children's books.

This is a woman who knows what she wants and goes about it in a quiet, yet determined way.

While she worked to arrange the books in a way that suited her, I shot a few of Nora:

 Then we got to the business of balancing Nora on top of the pile, with Lindsay right next to her, just out of sight of the frame.

 The backdrop is a quilt that Lindsay made, the white backdrop is the back side of it and the front is the more colorful that complimented the colors in the books that she chose.

We then did a few with this "sweet pea" knitted cap that Lindsay had on hand and we kept Nora bundled up, nice n' warm. It didn't hurt either that they had kicked the heat in the house up a few notches too. :)

 I will say that this scale is really fun to use, but the weight is totally inaccurate. :) I think it adds 1-2lbs before placing any blanket or babe in it...

 a slight smile.....

 proud older brother-



Clint & Lindsay-Thank you so much for having me and for such creative ideas with Miss Nora! She was a gem, and a quiet one at that. :) It's been a blast having you guys as friends, in and outside of Trivia/Game Nights, and watching your family grow. Soooo glad Nora is here safe & sound (and quickly too!).



PS You can view the remainder of our session