Becky's family has been in front of my camera on several occasions including family sessions. I watched her walk down the aisle to marry Zac from behind my lens, and I've now had the utmost pleasure in photographing their newest addition-John. 

I've come to a whole new level of appreciating my clients-they have come up with ideas for their Little Ones that not only diversify my portfolio and make my life SO interesting, but it makes every session unique and ultimately, increasingly reflective of their own personalities. I walk into a newborn home with some preconceived ideas but I always walk out blown away by others' creativity, and appreciation that I get to photograph it. 

Zac & Becky not only served together at church, but they played together too-on a softball field in our church's league during the summer. So, naturally, it made sense to have their son be photographed in Zac's glove:

While John's little piggies were available, I had Becky hold them for this shot:

But I also love getting another angle to show off Mama's glow:

From the beginning, Becky's been told that she and John have the same "sour face". So, I think they were having an unannounced contest here, but Zac just loves the serene chaos of it all...

And for the challenge of the session, we introduced Zac's guitar that he uses for worship services. This took Zac holding the guitar steady with one arm and the backdrop with another arm, Becky was behind the backdrop, but holding onto John's body, keeping him on the guitar-it really was ALL hands on deck and SO worth the result!

Becky & Zac-As always, it's an honor to serve your family and watch it grow! From adding Zac to now John into the Cross family, I'm so thankful to be doing Life with you. Stay healthy and get some rest!

Much love,


PS You can view the rest of our session together


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