When I took a day and a half from work to create an extended weekend, allowing me to visit my sister, a student of mine thought I'd delivered my baby.  With the length of time I've been away from the blog, some might have thought the same! February found me immersed in Upwards Basketball and Cheerleading team and squad photos on two separate weekends in addition to Large Group Contest for the 7th and 8th grade bands at school. The last (extended) weekend of February was wholly dedicated to family and loving on my sister, her adorable (two!) children, and giving her husband a hand when needed. So yes, the blog got the short end of the stick when all was said and done.

But, I'm so excited and pleased to introduce you to their newest addition: Cru Patrick, DOB 1.22.13

Throughout my 4 days there, we did his "newborn" session spread among brief opportunities of quiet and calm. Which, when you have an adorably precocious 2 year old, isn't something commonly experienced:

But, let me proceed in this particular post concentrating on Cru. When Camden was newborn, Kate and Eric had been gifted a baby pilot jacket for the session and we wanted to incorporate it with Cru.

In addition, I wanted to really exploit the Rude Rams squadron that Eric has been a part of flying F-16s for the Air Force. Cru's hospital wrist band happened to be on the desk in my guest room with the helmet and it was a match made in heaven for a few details. :)

Unfortunately, there wasn't a way to get Cru in the helmet itself, but it makes for a great comparison!

 A few close-ups of his teensy toes and fingers:

 Kate & Eric are steadily re-populating the Earth with red-heads...:)

  I showed Camden at one point a photo of her when she was a baby and she said, "Baby Cru". They look that much alike, except Cru has my Grandfather's nose. Definitely Grandpa's nose.

 Despite a few challenges to posing Cru and his immense desire to be held, warm, and fully clothed, we covered the bases and documented this special time in Katie & Eric's lives. Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned for more adorable-ness as we included Big Sister, Camden. I'll post those in the days to come. As a friend of mine described it: Ginger Power! ;)