A lot can happen in 4-5 weeks since we last updated you...

Baby Classes


*Baby Finance


*Breastfeeding-more awkward than sex ed in middle school, let me tell 'ya!


*Maternity Center Tour

Closet upgrade status

: with Dave's help, we tripled the size of storage capacity in that tiny closet and now have three rods and three shelves. Honestly, laundry has never been so fun to do and put away!

Garage storage status

: with Dave's help, Gerard put up four shelves on the back wall of our garage and is continuing the work with hooks in both the garage and shed. Putting things like lawn chairs, shovels, and extension cords on the wall is clearing up so much space. I feel like we just loosened our proverbial belts and can exhale a bit because we have more room to do so.


-3 hours of insomnia in the middle of the night. This has happened once and hopefully, won't be a reoccurring theme!



-Gerard has been an absolute Rock Star of a husband and future Dad. I think I've only made dinner 3 times since spring break? If I need a back rub for a few minutes or his help carrying things up the stairs, he's on it. Such a trooper. I can't imagine being on this journey with anyone else by my side.

-My Bible study gals. I can't begin to fathom how many hours they must have put in hosting a shower for me. They asked me a theme and colors, I asked a friend to design the invitation, and after that it was hands off. It was absolutely perfect. I have received compliments from guests that it was the most beautiful shower they'd ever attended with the best food. I felt so loved and here are a few highlights:

I arrived at the church a little early because I knew I'd be emotional. The ladies took a group photo first and then Jo led me into the Chapel where the everything was set up.

Cue the tears-each table was beautifully set with different friends' china and tea pots with 3-tiered plates for food like cucumber sandwiches, petite fours, and mini-quiches. The piano, glider, and table for gifts were on the stage and you can see in the photo below that I made a bee-line for what was draped on the glider. Jo informed me that my mom had sent her gifts ahead (because she wasn't able to be there) and she had completed a quilt for Baby so they had put the it on the chair for it to be near me throughout the morning. You can't see most of my arms in this shot because my hands were wiping away tears (and probably a fair share of snot...let's be honest...).

The next opportunity for tears came once everyone had arrived, gathered some treats on their plates and were visiting among each table when this hush went over the group. Gerard walked in dressed nicely with his work iPad. He serenaded us with a song by

Andrew Peterson, 'Family Man'

. I know my facial expression looked pretty set in stone and to some, possibly mad, but I honestly was trying to keep from losing it entirely.  Gerard stayed by my side the rest of the shower to help me open gifts which I SO appreciated because I'm not one to love the spot light, even if it's in front of 50 of my closest friends...

As I visited with guests, gifts were loaded into our car, tables wrapped up, chairs set back in rows for church the next morning. After a brief lunch break at home, we had our maternity photos taken and I'm SO pleased with how they turned out.

While Gerard set up a few things to complete the nursery, we started photos with just Ella and me:

After using the nursery for our backdrop, we went outside to a field that I rarely get to use for my own sessions because there's absolutely no shade. We lucked out in that it was a cloudy day-perfect for this spot and perfect time for some typical Gerard-Krupke-antics....

 Much like our 5th Anniversary photo session with Austin, one of my favorite images is a shot of Gerard making me throw my head back in laughter. I believe we had just been talking about how NOT to pose your subjects on a maternity shoot and how to show the pregnant body in a flattering way. Gerard just wanted to say "hi" to Baby while Austin and I talked "shop". I know that with his sense of humor, Gerard will definitely make labor interesting and possibly even light-hearted.

You can view the rest of our session on Austin's website



Which leads me into our latest installment of



*Poor Ella had to have 4 teeth extracted and post-op, we needed to soften her food with water for 15 mins to make sure it was soft enough for her to chew. We got a late start that morning and to hasten the softening process, Gerard thought to microwave her food. Our kitchen smelled awful for 36 hours as I lit more candles than we have out on Valentine's Day.

*Breast Feeding Class instructor was very knowledgeable in her subject matter, but also, let's just say, very "hands on" in her demonstrations through her clothing that wasn't showing anything beneficial. After watching demonstration videos of other women. I'm very thankful that Gerard was able to watch some of the NCAA tournament during the class on his phone because he did NOT need to see that!

*I've mentioned before that I don't like being the center of attention, so I don't often know how to respond to things that people say to me in an attempt to start a conversation about Baby. But here are some funny/refreshing ones:

-"Just wanted to let you know you're waddling." (uhhh, thank you?)

-"That's a nice volleyball you've swallowed there, Carrie." (at least it's not a basket ball yet!...)

-"You wear motherhood with grace and dignity."

-"You are so cute."


#1 Takes the Cake

from our


student teacher: "Don't you just feel kinda heavy today?" (I believe he was referring to the weather and totally forgot to whom he was directing his question.) :)

Happy 34 Weeks Choo Choo!