I've worked with Dave on several Upwards sports team photo events, but I've also had the honor of capturing his adorable family in several stages. Ever since his middle child, Brielle, was an infant, I've been

watching their family

grow and change. Most recently, Jackson was

just 3 months old

and all of a sudden, he's ONE!! And he is quite the chummy little gentleman.

This moment with Kear and her girls is probably my favorite posing we've done with the three of them to date. All three of them are absolutely gorgeous!

Then it was time to focus our attention to Jackson. True to their family and how involved they are with the Upwards ministry at our church, if you put a basketball in front of Jackson, he is ecstatic and thoroughly entertained.

I can only imagine what kind of fun these two girls have with each other. Based on Eden's spunkiness and Eden's reactions, I'm gathering a TON of fun.

But as evidenced by Brielle's face below, she has some spunkiness of her own too.....

I love watching couples interact on our family sessions. Knowing that it can be stressful getting the kiddos ready for a photo session, I'm ever appreciative when Mom & Dad make each other laugh in the interactions. I told Kear to "whisper sweet nothings" in Dave's ear and that got a real and candid smile out of her groom.

Dave had the super cute idea of the girls helping Jackson walk and I love the shots we got of their careful attention to their Little Bro.

Dave & Kear-Thank you so much for having me again--I absolutely love watching your family grow and change. On a more personal note, I appreciate your wisdom as parents and the example you set for raising a beautiful family. Thank you so much for supporting, and being excited for, Gerard & me!!

Much love,


You can view the remainder of our session