When I first met Ashley, she was a mother of two with a third on the way and I marveled at her strength and ability to juggle two very active boys. It was no surprise that when Baby #3 arrived, he raced to keep up with his older brothers. Last year, we had a blast with Keegen and his rendition of smashing the cake with a cast on his arm. This year, he looks so different (obviously, without a cast on too) and we celebrated Turning Two.

We enjoyed a beautiful spring day for Keegen's session. I kept thinking of Winnie-the-Pooh because the word "blustery" comes to mind as is evidenced by Keegen's hair...:)

Quite the rocker, yes?

One of the few moments we had of Keegen sitting still came in the form of Ashley holding him in her lap and practicing the motor-skill of clapping...

Otherwise, Keegen is a mover and a shaker, constantly on the run. The only thing that truly slowed him down was trying to climb over some built-in barriers at our location. It was quite the work-out for him I'm sure!

 Ashley's boys all have beautiful blue eyes and I wanted to highlight that in some way during our time together. The best opportunity came when he was strapped in his car seat and exhausted from work out. Until next time Keegen, Happy Birthday!

Ashley-Thank you so much for having me again. I really appreciate your trust in me and all the hard work you put in to make our sessions happen. I can't wait to see how your boys grow and change!



PS You can view the rest of our time together