I am so pleased to introduce you to Little Miss Sadie! Her family is one that I've wanted to photograph for some time now and I did inner kicks and cartwheels when her mom, Ashley, contacted me to photograph not just their 1-year family session, but also Sadie's birthday party with family. I was enthralled with the table that greeted me when I arrived: cuteness beyond words...

Ashley was a graphic design major at Drake pre-Mommy-hood and has a natural penchant for creative ideas that you see in these adorable details:

I love the color scheme and the simplicity of Ashley's decorations made of paper and ribbon.

Then I saw that Miss Birthday Girl matched the color scheme.... Aaaaaand this is where it's fun to have little girls. :)

Sadie was pretty timid at first with this mound of wonderful sugary goodness in front of her....

Eventually, with some prodding and demonstration on behalf of Mom & Dad, she dug in:

With icing in her hair and everything, Ashley is one gorgeous Mama and only had eyes for her little girl.

After the initial big face-plant, Sadie picked at a few of the flowers on top of the cake...

And with Ashley's help, made lots of room for one last HUGE bite. :)

Jeffrey & Ashley-Thank you so much for having me over to celebrate a part of Sadie's party! I had a blast and I can't wait to photograph your family again in a few weeks. The party's decor exceeded any expectation I had and I pray these photos do your memories of the event justice.

Many blessings,


PS You can view the remainder of our time together