We celebrated his little sister's birthday with a family reunion on Easter weekend and now it was Calvin's turn to play in front of my camera to commemorate his 3rd birthday. Though it was a blustery, chilly, May afternoon, we warmed him up with some bubbles and I love how the light played through the soapy circles.

Just chillin'.....:)

 Melissa was craving spring colors just as much as I've been, so we took advantage of the beautiful blossoms in Waterworks Park for their family photos during this session too.

I include this one because it helps tell the story of just how chilly it got while we were out and about. Poor Mr. Calvin was such a trooper as I wanted to try one more idea with him to "date" the session. His tiny teeth were chattering in this one I'm sure, and this was the last one we took before he tossed the slate to the grass and said, "Done". It's a wrap!

Melissa & Chris-Hard to believe we've done four family sessions in the past year and each time your kiddos have grown and changed so much. You have an adorable family and I can't wait to see how Calvin & Alivia evolve into the Kid Stage and out of the Toddler stage. I have a blast every time I'm with you guys. 

Thank you so much for having me!



PS You can view the rest of our session