Gerard knew this family before I had the pleasure of making their acquaintance. I'm sure I've seen Jeremy with a frisbee in his hands, I just didn't know who he was at the time. But, when his eldest daughter, Madison, was ready for piano lessons, I got to know the family in its entirety. At the time, it was the 5 of them with one on the way and Christie timed her family session at a "sweet" spot-Coby is just 3 months and cuddly, goofy-grinned Little Ham of a man. Perfect for a session with the SIX of them.

After nailing down some family photos, each kiddo gets a break and a time to shine with me. While one is getting their individual photo taken, the rest can run & play. To help my brain function, we just went in order of oldest to youngest. Here's Ms. Madison:

 Sir Parker:

 Little Miss Lucy:

 And the Ham O'the Hour: Coby

 I have to include this collage showing the morphing of his sitting abilities...a mini-suitcase is the perfect prop for a little boy working on his ab muscles, but there are occasions where the body just wants to lean....smiling all the while!

 I love that Jeremy hardly has to do anything to get Christie giggly and laughing. Maybe his hand found a ticklish spot on her knee? Either way, it made for some great candids...:)

 Oh Coby, you darling!

 I love doing a photo like this because it does several things: It gives Mom & Dad a chance to love on one another in front of the kiddos, the kiddos get to be goofy, and what 2-3 year old doesn't love being held upside-down?!

 After this, we let everyone run and play for a shot at some candids. Lucy and Coby didn't disappoint!

And, we got one last opportunity for just Christie & Jeremy. 

Christie, Jeremy + Kiddos: I had a blast with your family last weekend! Thank you so much for having me and I hope that I'm able to document more of your family's milestones. Jeremy, good luck on the frisbee field this summer; I will root for your team so long as you aren't playing against Team Red--please don't take it personally!! ;)



PS You can view the rest of our session together