As a lowly incoming freshman at Drake, the seniors in the music department seemed so intimidating to me. I remember accidentally walking into a closed door while trying to carrying on a conversation with one of them and being utterly mortified at my social blunder. When the flute studio students started interacting on a more regular basis, I realized that I had nothing to fear. One of those seniors was a sweet gal named Jessalyn and after graduation that year, I assumed our paths would never cross again.

Little did I know that her in-laws live in the same town where my husband and I would teach 4 years later. (Imagine me walking into the proverbial closed door again...)

So, when she contacted me to do her daughter's newborn photos, I was more than happy to oblige and do my best by her. The weather was uncooperative the day we scheduled our session, so we headed indoors and made the best of the challenges presented to us. Thankfully, it worked out beautifully that the room we used at my church was stifling hot-perfect for keeping a 6 day old newborn toasty and asleep-while Jessalyn & I huffed and puffed our way through. :)

We started first with her three sons-Caedmon, Jayden & Benjamin. Jayden was even willing to give a two thumbs up to having a new baby sister:

 I can just imagine what these boys will be like when Kayla starts dating....when she's 30.

Jessalyn brought some great props to personalize their session. Among the options, was her pair of ballet slippers from her en pointe days. After having 3 boys, it must be so fun to get to be girly!

Kayla's Aunt Lois crocheted a baby dress for the little miss and it was the perfect feminine touch:

This is a rare thing for a baby 6 days old, but in the midst of dreams, Kayla graced us with some smiles!! What a way to end our time together. :)

Jessalyn & Mark: Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to get to know Kayla in her first days of life. She's such a little treasure and I know has already stolen your hearts. I can't wait to see what she looks like in 6 months for our next time together. Take care in the transition from 3 kiddos to 4 and revel in the girly-ness!!



PS You can view the remainder of our session