Hard to imagine, but this little guy is now a whopping TWO! I photographed Nolan when he was a fresh




, he




, points out his favorite modes of transportation ("Bike!"), and loves tackling his parents, Ann & Jason. But, as we were getting warmed up, he seemed very protective and loving. Hand placement says SO much. :)

Then we started pointing out cars, bikes, trucks and the smiles made their adorable appearance.

But the bubbles....oooooh boy, the bubbles!

After a few more "traditional" family photos, Nolan was all ready for the tackling and tickling...

Jason has trained his Little Man in the ways to win a gal's heart-especially in light of Mother's Day approaching at the time of this shoot. Sweetest moment of the shoot? He came to give me one too!

Sweet Nolan, happy 2nd birthday!

 Ann & Jason: Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of documenting Nolan's milestones. It's been a blast watching him grow and change. I'm also really grateful for your trust, understanding and most importantly, friendship. You guys are wonderful!



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