After photographing this dear family since I

first started my business

, I've been blessed to meet some of their extended family now too. Each time I see them, I feel welcomed with open arms as a friend and not "The Photographer."

When Miriam asked me to photograph her family's summer reunion last fall, I asked her the date. After she told me, I responded with another date: Baby Krupke's due date. Needless to say, this session has been on the books for quite some time and the first question out of


mouth when she saw me was, "How's the baby!?" See what I mean about Friend rather than Photographer?

We started with the entire group of the Olds family and then pared it down to family units and generations.

 Last summer, for our first session at John and Rosemary's home, they had beautiful gardens quaintly situated throughout their backyard named after for each family member. Over the course of the past 10 months, they uprooted those gardens, kept them in a green house over the winter months, built a pool and replanted all those uprooted flora. Incredible, no?

So, I not only wanted to highlight the addition, but I absolutely love their home in general, so I wanted to highlight their house-front as well.

 The oldest Olds generation that made this whole family possible to begin with: John and his sisters-

While we did other family units, I let Joe & Thomas run to have a break:

 Then, we brought them back for a ticklefest, sword-fighting the Log-ness Monster (is Grandpa John not the most creative gardener ever?) and lastly, a canon-ball into the pool.

The best way to bribe these boys? Water.

Sean + Miriam + John + Rosemary: Thank you so much for having me again and for making me feel so at home! Next time, I will definitely bring my swim suit. Which means I get to go shopping....:)



PS You can view the remainder of our session