They had 2nd & 4th grade classes together, but at that age, the opposite sex has cooties of course, so they didn't take notice of one another until they both were working at Target many years later. Neither can explain why they started dating except for this supernatural pull they felt towards one another. Cory asked, so Ashley said yes. And now, their love hit the bull's eye on a gorgeous wedding day.

 Ashley is a very low key gal and I was continually impressed by her calm nature on what can be a nerve-wracking day. She was thoroughly able to enjoy moments with her sisters helping her get dressed and her mom helping curl her hair. What sweet touch points throughout the day!

I've mentioned


before, and she was able to be at my side throughout Cory + Ashley's day. While I covered Ashley, she got to hang with the man of the hour:

 and the men he surrounded himself with that day:

Celeste Hawkins of 

Celestial Foliage

 did a fantastic job on the floral arrangements incorporating calla lillies and sprigs of hydrangeas beautifully.

 They served as a beautiful accessory for Ashley with her "something old"-a handkerchief from at least 3 generations back.

Jane's view of the ceremony:

interspersed with some of my view:

 Because Ashley + Cory chose not to see each other before the ceremony, we completed their bridal portraits while guests were making their way to the reception. Among all the days of this summer to get married, I think they can claim they had the best weather-not humid, mid 70's and a sky that looked like it'd been painted just for them.

 Cory + Ashley worked really diligently to use only Norwalk vendors and they wanted one bridal party photo that was inherently "Norwalk". This little red caboose is a staple in their town of roughly 9,000 people.

 Both of Ashley's sisters did a wonderful job of toasting the couple. Her maid of honor had a sense of sly humor that slipped a joke in ever so skillfully. If you weren't paying attention, you might miss it!

The emotions during the first dances were some of the strongest I've seen in quite awhile. Ashley grinned from ear to ear, while Cory's mom struggled to keep the tears from falling.

 One last images of the bridal party getting the party started:

Cory + Ashley: You two were wonderful to Jane & me throughout the day. I felt like just another extended family member peeking in on your beautiful day. I wish nothing but the best for you two as you start your lives together and I look forward to staying your family's photographer.

Many blessings,


PS You can view the remainder of their day