As a senior in college, I was always told to stay out of the teacher's lounge for various reasons. So, I steered clear of it until I realized that I only worked with men and needed a little more estrogen in my work day. (Notice, I said a


) It was then that I dipped my toe in the proverbial pool of the mysterious teacher's lounge and I wondered why I didn't do it sooner. Christie was among the Lunch Ladies, as Gerard's dubbed them, who welcomed me warmly to the table and started to share life with me. 

Always put together, dressed in a very classy style and perfectly accessorized every time, I envied Christie's closet from the get-go and was thrilled when she asked me to take their family photos. My first thought? "I can't wait to see what she wears!" :)

Knowing that it'd be roughly four years since their last family photo session with another photographer, I felt even more privileged to document this stage of their family's life. In another four, Christie & Dan are going to have a senior in high school on their hands! 

We started off with some easy family photos and did a few with Christie & Dan since they'd just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary (congrats!). Then, we eased the boys into the mix and Tucker was willing to go first. It was then that I realized God gives guys the gorgeous eye lashes since they typically don't get the pleasure of wearing mascara to accentuate them. Tucker's eyes are going to break a girl's heart some day!

There was something about the Beving boys this particular morning that didn't want to show their teeth when they smiled. It was as if the three of them had made a pact...but they sure are professionals at smiling with their eyes! So, it became my goal to get a candid grin out of at least one of them in the 45 minutes we had together...

Oh Dan...gotcha!

Some men say that they fell in love with their wives because she laughed at his jokes. While I didn't get the 411 on their love story, I'm pretty sure laughter and joking is a part of the Beving union...

I'll end with this image because I'm super excited to reveal that the Beving men (at least two of them) do in fact have teeth! :)

Christie + Dan: Thank you so much for having me! Hopefully, it's not another 4 years before you're in front of my camera again-I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with your beautiful family. Christie-thank you for sharing some of Life with me during lunch and encouraging me in parenthood. I really appreciate it!



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