Hard to imagine that I've now photographed some families for 4 or more years. Nick & Elaine happily fall into that group of clients that are also long-standing friends. Carson, now 6(!), and


, now 2(!), I've watched these little men grow into ... well,

bigger Little Men

. :) On his first photo session with me, Carson fit into a little cardboard box the size of Elaine's clarinet case, covered in gift wrap, and we put him under the Christmas tree. Now, he could probably more comfortably fit inside Nick's tuba case! Brecker wouldn't fit in either one because he runs way too much to hold still long enough.

Without further adieu, here are some of my favorites from our time together:

 When she saw the expected temperature for the day, Elaine and I agreed, the earlier we could get these photos taken, the better. So, we bumped it an hour earlier and had beautiful lighting to boot!

 Knowing how Elaine hand crafts their Christmas cards every year, this one might make the cut because it highlights their boys' adventuresome (adventurous?) spirits.

From the first photo I took that morning to the last, I think these are going to be my favorite session we've ever done for this family. Mainly, because I got some genuine-looking smiles out of Nick:

 Usually, somewhere in my family sessions, I give the kiddos a break and focus on Mom & Dad. And usually, I give them permission to smooch. There are never two reactions to that request that look the same, and I love how we get some candid laughter from it:

This might be one of the most adorable photo-bombs I've seen...

Always the hopeful fans, Carson & Brecker both have a pretty mean curve ball. We caught one of Brecker's in action!

Nick + Elaine-Thank you so much for having me yet again! You have a beautiful family and absolutely adorable Little Men. I always have a blast with them and I look forward to watching them grow!



PS You can view the rest of our session