After shooting his family's photos and older brother's senior photos last year, I've gotten to know this family a little better and Travis in particular. In fact, I know them so well that during Travis' senior session, we had so much fun that I forgot to ask what he plans on doing after graduation! From the moment I pulled up to our meeting point and saw a bow tie on Travis-I knew we'd have a blast. Goofy, smart and with a good head on his shoulders, I know Travis will succeed at whatever he aims to do. Congratulations man and have a wonderful senior year!

Melody & Garry-You've raised three amazing sons and your parenting is a great example to Gerard & me. Thank you so much for allowing me the privilege of capturing these moments in your family's life. The music department at Norwalk will GREATLY miss your family's contribution to our program. It will be very difficult to replace you!



PS You can view the remainder of our session