My jaw was proverbially on the floor for the better part of this senior session because I couldn't believe that a senior in high school took it upon himself to rally the troops of his bicycle team to do RAGBRAI. For those of you that don't live in this river-bordered state I call home, RAGBRAI is a week-long bike ride that's done in the stickiest, sweatiest, hottest time of the summer, starting at the Missouri River and criss-crossing the state to dip your wheels in the Mississippi River. Caleb has done that and so it was fitting that we start the session with his trusty, beloved set o' wheels. :) We finished where he often bikes to train.

 This is steadily becoming a tradition that I take a photo of the senior with whichever parental units come along on the shoot. Love the images that we get!

Caleb-best of luck to you in your senior year! I hear ISU's moniker is "where adventures begin", but I think it's more fitting for someone who's accomplished what you have to say, "where the adventure continues".



PS You can view more of our session