There are a few times a year when I get the pleasure of working as a second shooter for some dear friends. This particular wedding was for

Jane in Cedar Rapids

as we documented Sara & DJ's wedding day. I could tell from the start that Sara had thought long and hard about her florals and details and we did our best to make her proud. We started the day with the rings and bouquets and then Jane and I split to cover DJ & Sara separately while they got ready.

 Once I had hung out with the gentlemen, I placed DJ in the First Look location and went to see how things were progressing with Sara. You can see how things played out from there...

 While Jane handled the family's portraits, I couldn't help but snag a shot of this cutie:

 As the second shooter, I usually cover the back of the ceremony which gives me a glimpse into the bride's relationship with whomever is walking her down the aisle. In this case, Sara & her dad are super close and soaked up every moment or this special time:

We had some time between their ceremony & reception for larger bridal party shots so we meandered through old town Cedar Rapids by the river....

And then it was time to party & eat cake!!

Here's a glimpse into all of Sara's hard-worked-for details: