I can't believe this kiddo is already 3 months old! At this session, we typically document the tummy time and holding the head up milestones and Amelia was such a champ. She did so well and with quite adorable style, I might add:

Of course, we document the "finding-out-that-my-hands-taste-good" milestone as well:

Amelia has an awesome older brother, Jaxon, but I think their mom, Melissa, is having a blast with the girly frills and ruffles. Being a mom of a little girl myself, Melissa and I just had a ball with it. I don't think Amelia minded much herself!

Jaxon is a doting older brother from what I've observed. I'm sure someday when young men come knocking at their door for Amelia, they'll have to get past Jaxon (in addition to Dad) first. :)

Some fun Mommy n' Me moments:

Kevin & Melissa: It's always fun visiting with you and watching your kiddos grow. I won't ever forget the workout that Jaxon gave me at his 3 year (or was it 2 year?) session. What a strapping young gentleman he has become. Can't wait to see the growth in Amelia come May!



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