It's like that good friend you've had for forever and you don't even remember the day you met. It's as if you've always known them. I've fallen for Groovebook. I've mentioned before that I don't want to go trigger happy with Adelaide but we have amassed a good number of photos of her on our phones. What's a simple way of getting those images off our phones and into our hot hands? Or better yet, into Grandma's (Gerard's mom) and Oma's (my mom) hands?

Allow me to introduce you to Groovebook.

It's an app for your smart phone or iPad that allows you to upload your images and then they send you the sweetest gathering of 4x6's ever. Each cover I've received is different.

 It's a veritable flip book that turns into an easy brag book and fits into anyone's purses (namely, Oma & Grandma) In addition to compact 4x6 size, the images have the date & time the image was taken-easy to keep track of how old Little Miss was at the time of hilarity.

 And, if you want to keep the Groovebook for yourself, but give a few images to friends, each picture is perforated. Easy to rip out and hand to a loved one!

 You can upload as many as 100 pictures per Groovebook. If you don't use the allotted 100 slots, the book will start to repeat itself and you can get some duplicates!

Once you download the app, it acts as a subscription so that you get one Groovebook per month. So, if you don't take a lot of photos, you get duplicates that you can give away or if you take a lot, you can have an entire flip book dedicated to a trip (namely, our trip to the western U.S. for Christmas)

I don't usually promote products that we use and enjoy but I couldn't pass this up! Feel free to download the app and use promo code:


for some added benefits. Spread the word!

**These opinions are my own but I will get a free Groovebook for every 5 people who use that promo code.**