If their session is anything like their home-life, Jeremy & Christie must have a hilarious time. With kiddos as cute as their's, I don't know how they get any disciplining done with straight faces.

We started with the big family group to make sure we got that with all little ones fresh and ready to smile:

We moved right into individuals of their adorable kids: Parker, Coby, Lily, and Madison. And then, to give them a slight break, we took some shots of Jeremy & Christie.

In our attempts to use our space and not infringe on a wedding that was about 200 yards away (I'm bad at guestimating distance, but we were well beyond hearing or seeing range.) We found this little area off the bike path and the light behind them grew more and more gorgeous as the sun began its descent. Somehow though, I think a family who can laugh together enhances the scenery even more. 

Jeremy + Christie: Thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your family again and again! It is increasingly fun to watch your little ones grow, change and gain the ability to do more cute things. It's a pleasure and an honor that I greatly enjoy!



PS You can view the rest of our session HERE