We started on her house's property-a gorgeous pond with a neighboring willow tree. A rock wall and a lovely fenceline to boot. As we ventured out to the fenceline near the pond, Becca casually mentioned, "It may be a little bit muddy...." Sure enough, our next steps we heard "SQUISH" and we both sunk, our shoes and socks covered. I'll admit, I've brought spare cameras, SD cards, batteries to every session, but never have I felt the need to bring extra socks and shoes! It was an adventure and the evening progressed in like manner.  

We hit the road and roamed the gravel of Norwalk, nabbing a few photos in the twilight of the day. In addition to our fading light, we were also battling some misty precipitation and cloud cover, so the light was fading even faster than per usual.  Becca is a great dancer so we started grooving to some show choir moves, if just in her head. :)

Despite getting lost on the way back to her house, we were dealing with WAY low light, but we still wanted to grab a few options for her senior photos:


Thank you so much for being adventurous with me on a cold and dreary night! Your willing spirit is going to take you far, even if it (sadly) takes you far from home for college. Be it Emory, Tulane, Chicago....they will be lucky to have you! 
Blessings in the pursuit,


PS You can view the rest of our session together HERE