Rachel & Jason were a part of our lives many years ago through Bible study when Clara, their oldest was a newborn. Fast forward 7 years and 4 more children, and you have the current Cunningham household. Well, 5 more children if you count the one on the way, set to arrive in a few months. This awesome family might have hit an all time record with Carrie Krupke Photography:  a family of 7 done in under 30 minutes. Blame it on the chilly weather and amazingly behaved children! There's nothing that the promise of an ice cream treat can't help. ;) 

These are perhaps my favorite that I've ever taken of Rachel and Jason together and then, following that, their kiddos walking hand in hand? Utter sweet-ness.

Jason + Rachel: Thank you so much for continuing to allow me to photograph your sweet family. Each of your children is an absolute miracle (especially Miss Lydia) and I know they are each going to do big things. Thank you for raising such awesome kids! You guys are a great example to Gerard & me, and for that, we can't be grateful enough. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


PS You can view more of our session together HERE