All of my families are dear to my heart as I watch their children grow up and their families grow in number. There's something extra special about photographing a couple's start in life together at their wedding and then photographing their little ones too. 

Carrie & John are one such couple and little Isaac rocked his November session on a bright and warm afternoon. (Never thought the words "November" and "warm" would go together did 'ya?) Here's what we were able to capture in our short time together:

The boy likes to fly:

After getting plenty of family photos to choose from, we let Isaac explore the grassy area and the fallen trees...

Carrie + John: Thank you so much for allowing me to remain your family photographer. I have a blast every time and Isaac seems to enjoy it too.  Looking forward to seeing you guys next year when he's (gasp!) TWO!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE