You first met Jen & Jason at their backyard wedding in 2011. Jen has remained in my life through a mutual friend and it's always a joy to catch up with her. Jen & Jason recently celebrated two years of marital bliss (already?!) and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their daughter. God, in His perfect timing, lined it up just right for the end of the school year so Jen can have the entire summer with her! I'm secretly praying Baby Girl has Jen's dimples....

It's funny how the going recommendation is to take photos when you are a few weeks into your last trimester. This is generally when you're really feeling uncomfortable, un-lovely and any other "un" word you can think of. Thankfully for Jen, those emotions didn't show through her images in our morning together! She's a gorgeous woman with a wonderful heart to boot.

Jason is doing an awesome job taking care of Jen and helping her out in every way.

Little Miss might have a sassy side as she doesn't sit still long for photos (I'm training for the challenge, Jen!) This is the best shot the ultrasound tech could grab. :)

These little shoes may make a later appearance as well, but thought we'd document them now too. They were Jen's little sister's shoes-the perfect hand-me-down from one of the best Aunties around.

Jen + Jason: Always a pleasure seeing you guys whether it's with or without my camera. We're praying for the safe arrival of Little Miss, that she doesn't come early and for a smooth recovery/transition to parenthood. It's a steep learning curve friends, know that we're here to help lessen the incline if at all possible!

Carrie (+ Gerard)
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