This has been such a long time coming. So long, in fact, I wondered if it would ever come to fruition. Back in December, I participated in Help Portrait & met a great group of photographers. Among the group was a fun-loving photo & video duo-Allie & Bobby Lauritson. You could adequately describe Allie as a petite Mexican jumping bean--the kind of personality that doesn't need caffeine to get going in the morning. Over the past couple months, it's actually Bobby I've been getting to know. His videographic skills that I witnessed in December drew me like a moth to a light bulb. I've been on the lookout for a website designer, the right person for the job, for roughly 3 years and it was Goldilocks. Bobby was the "juuuuuust right" person. We had very similar ideas for the direction I wanted to take the website and where I was clueless, Bobbby educated me in a totally non-egotistical way, teacher-mode way. I forewarned him that I wasn't good friends with Change, but he guided me through the process (and ensuing necessary changes) really well. 

And because I love lists, here are things that are different this spring with Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC:

1. website!!! is LIVE!!!

2. Pixie gallery for client images (really mobile device and social media friendly! when someone shares a photo, I'm given photographer credit be it on Facebook or Twitter etc...)

3. Blog-though I'm sentimental, I will be posting at and be leaving this blogger location. Now, everything is in one location!

4. Square payment capabilities at sessions: I can take credit cards for your convenience.

5. Email: 

6. Twitter: oh goodness, I've joined the birds.... find me @carriekrupke

7. Prices have increased slightly to account for:

           -new gear (lighting, lenses, website)

           -experience-better product for you!

           -arrival of Adelaide means that my time away from her is more precious

           -I haven't increased prices in 2 years to include sales tax since becoming an LLC in Sept, 2012.

8. You'll find a little music note (an ode to my logo) in your browser. I've wanted that little peanut there for years!!!

Same Old Same Old...

1. Every session still gets blogged

2. Client service-I still take great care of you and fun doing it!

3. still accept cash or check at the close of your session

4. still have download and ordering capabilities at your Pixie gallery

5. still have if you'd prefer.

6. still post to and it shoots straight over to Twitter for those who prefer that social media venue. 

Giving Credit Where It's Due:

1. Melissa Dahmen-her graphic design talents for my branding and logo

2. Bobby Lauritson-videography and web design, he really has a teacher's heart!

3. Austin Day-the photos he's taken of our family are plastered everywhere on the website.

4. Jennie, class of 2015-an "almost" senior who allowed Bobby to tape our session for the video that accompanies my website.

5. My clients/friends-for sticking with me and always giving me great subjects to photograph! You are awesome!!

As you peruse the website, we'll be working out any kinks in the next few months, so if you find something odd, let me know at and Bobby & I will work it out!

Also, while you peruse, let me know what your favorite part is on the new blog's comment section!! I think mine is the cameo appearance that Adelaide makes in the video. :) 

Looking forward to the fresh & new,