She wrote me a note of thanks her 8th grade year, two years after I'd been her lesson teacher. Michaela thanked me for everything she saw me do behind the scenes of our band department that "never got noticed". And while crinkled and a little tattered, the note still takes up residence in my desk at school for a jolt of encouragement on a challenging day every now and then. 

Michaela is really good at noticing things that others normally wouldn't. Not just tasks that others do around her, but she's put that talent to good use in Geo-Caching. And because of her exploration of the Des Moines Metro Area, she had picked out a rarely used spot for her senior photos. But if I told you where we took these, I'd have to kill you-see if you can find it on the geo-cache website. ;)

You'll notice we had some followers along for the session: not just Michaela's mom, Jodi, but some baby geese were quite intrigued by us, much to the chagrin of their parents who hissed in our general direction....

I didn't know this while she was in middle school, but Michaela has developed quite the knack for artistry-far beyond my stick figure abilities-so we decided to highlight that facet of her in addition to the geo-caching.

Michaela: It was so much fun to hang out with you! I'm so glad that you've continued to pursue music and keep the trombone section boys in line. ;) I loved learning new things about you and seeing different aspects of your personality shine through this session. Have a fantastic senior ear and enjoy!!


Carrie *ahem* Mrs. Krupke

PS You can view more of Michaela's session HERE