As she prepared for her first days at Drake University, she consistently prayed for a Christian friend with whom to link arms. In her mind, she was expecting that friend to be female, but God had her find that answer to prayer in Mark instead. When I met Jessalyn, she was an upperclassman at Drake and already married to Mark. Now, 5 children later, I'm honored to be her family's photographer. 

I mention five children, though four are technically in the photo below. Jessalyn and Mark lost a child, a girl, and the teddy bear was a gift--weighing the same as their daughter did when she passed away. So, when we get a shot of all the siblings together, I knew immediately to include the bear, though I'm unsure if I placed her in the right spot chronologically...The boys didn't seem to mind!

Kayla's mom, Jessalyn, couldn't find the right accessories for the idea she had in her head so she went to a craft store, found the materials and made them herself. If you're ever in need of a few fun accessories, she's got you covered-I had to highlight a few for your viewing pleasure...

The main star of the session was Kayla as we documented her first birthday (a little belated, but she won't notice!) She's quite a pensive Little One and really smiled well when she was being flung in the air (see below). That being said, I'm sure she'll fit in right well with her 3 brothers. :)

Mark & Jessalyn,

Thank you so much for allowing me into your family history by documenting this time in your lives. I'm honored to watch your children grow and interact! You have a lovely family and I can't wait to see what everyone looks like the next time we have fun with my camera!



PS You can view the rest of our session HERE