His middle name's sake (Uncle Alan) can chow a pizza down in no time flat and Baby Eli did just about that while in his mother's womb. With some difficulties Laura had during pregnancy, I asked her, "If he's barely connected to the placenta, how is he getting his nutrients?!" "God's feeding him." she calmly and faithfully answered. And feed him, the good Lord did! Born at 9lbs 6oz, Eli feels like a 4-week old in your hands but his neck strength reminds you he's quite fresh and floppy. 

Thankfully, he's also quite cuddly and curled quite nicely for his debut in front of my camera. :)

We started with Eli and his lovely older sister, Lydia, who is just as miraculous a baby as he. Born at 26 weeks, Lydia has a story all her own, but both of these babies are wonderfully beautiful and healthy. 

Not to say it too loudly, but Eli's Dad, Cody, is heading back to work as school starts soon so he had to hunt slightly for ties. The grey scarf combined with the silver tie made both Laura and I think of steel...such a stark contrast to be on a baby laying on sheep fur!

While Laura and I scoped out some spots upstairs in the nursery and master bedrooms, we let Eli hang out on my baby bean bag under Cody and Lydia's watchful eye. When I came back downstairs to let them know we were ready for baby and full family photos, Eli was laying like this on the bean bag and Cody and Lydia were off playing "Baby Photographer" with Lydia's dollies! Eli didn't seem to mind having the joint to himself. :)

Oh Lydia, you are such a special little girl!!

Laura is an interior designer by trade and I lapped up all the nursery details and decor while catching these candids. It doesn't hurt to have 2 huge windows in the nursery for natural light and 5 in the master. Be still my heart....

Laura & Cody: I'm so thankful you guys live closer now! We've thoroughly enjoyed spending more time with your family and praying you through both of your sweet babies' arrivals. I've wanted to photograph your family for quite awhile and it's an honor to capture this special time in your lives. You guys are wonderful and we love you very much!


Carrie (& Gerard & Laidy)

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