I'm humbled to say that this is my eighth year teaching, but of all the hundreds of students who have passed through my life, none are as good as this guy:

The Consummate Learner, my Dad has been taking piano lessons from me this summer just about every week. When he was in high school, he was in a barbershop quartet and played trombone. Having put those skills to great use upon retirement (a handful of years taking trombone lessons and voice lessons), Dad finally hung up the church choir robe and retired from that activity as well after 15 years of dedication. Now, when I mean dedication, I really mean the entirety of the definition of the word. The man missed most (if not all) of my high school concerts because they fell on Thursday evenings when he had choir rehearsal. Come rain, shine, or sore throat, he was there.  

So what next? He's retired from the Air Force, United Airlines, Church Choir....what can be more fulfilling than that!?

Piano lessons. I dare say, piano lessons.

*Disclaimer: all of these photos below were taken on the nearest cell phone we could grab at the time.

Throughout the summer months, Dad has come down for a lesson and we've typically combined it with another activity with Adelaide. For example, eating out:

The State Fair:

an ICubs game and things as simple as blowing bubbles on a walk or reading on the couch:

The other person who has loved my Dad's consistent visits? Ella:

It's been so much fun to watch him interact with Adelaide that my heart feels like it will burst at times and it's been a wonderful summer watching Dad's 80+year old fingers be nimble on the piano keys.  His hard work ethic (and perfectionist tendencies) definitely pay off in the piano arena and I've thoroughly enjoyed teaching the best student ever.